Checks the device to see if a keypad is open or not.



Returns: Boolean


This does a check of the device for a keypad and if one is available it returns true otherwise it returns false. Please note that this function is mainly for use with Android devices.

For those users with a Sony Xperia Play, there is a set button/key map setup within GameMaker: Studio, so you can use the keyboard constants vk_up, vk_down, vk_left, vk_right for the joypad keys and Triangle is ord('T'), Square is ord('S'), Circle is vk_alt + vk_backspace while the back button is simply vk_backspace, Cross is vk_space, Select is vk_return and Start is vk_rshift, the L Trigger is ord('L') and R Trigger is ord('R').


if device_is_keypad_open()
   global.Setting = 2;
   global.Setting = 1;

The above code checks for a keypad then changes a global variable depending on the returned value.

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