Returns the x position of the device when pressed.



Argument Description
device The device (from 0 - 4) that is being checked.

Returns: Real


This function returns raw x position of the device. What this means is that it returns the actual device definition of the x position that is being touched, not the GameMaker: Studio one, and as such will ignore things like view position and scaling.

Note: This function is very much device dependant and you should experiment first with the desired target module and device to see what exactly is returned.


if device_mouse_check_button(0, mb_left) && device_mouse_check_button(1, mb_left)
   x_av = mean(device_mouse_raw_x(0), device_mouse_raw_x(1));
   y_av = mean(device_mouse_raw_y(0), device_mouse_raw_y(1));

The above code checks to see if device1 and device2 are being pressed, and if they are it calculates the average position of the x/y coordinates between each press point.

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