Returns the x position of the device when pressed.



Argument Description
device The device (from 0 - 4) that is being checked.

Returns: Real


This function returns x position of the device. If you are running this on a the HTML5 or PC and Mac modules then this value is updated constantly, as long as the device (usually a mouse) is plugged in, however for mobile devices, this will only be updated while the screen is being touched.


if device_mouse_check_button(0, mb_left)
   if device_mouse_x(0) > x-32 && device_mouse_x(0) < x+32
      pressed = true;
      pressed = false;

The above code checks to see if the device is being pressed and if so it then polls the device x position to see if it is within the parameters. If it is it sets the variable "pressed" to true, other wise it sets it to false.

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