Sets the threshold for the analogue buttons of the given device.


gamepad_set_button_threshold(device, threshold);

Argument Description
device Which gamepad device "slot" to check.
threshold The new threshold value (from 0 - 1, default 0.5).

Returns: N/A


This function can be used to set the current threshold setting of the analogue buttons for a given device. The default threshold for all analogue buttons is 0.5, with the range being from 0 to 1. The threshold defines at what point the button is considered as being "pressed" for games that require them to act as a digital button.


if gamepad_get_button_threshold(0) != 0.5
   gamepad_set_button_threshold(0, 0.5);

The above code checks the analogue button threshold of the gamepad connected to device "slot" 0 and if it is not the default value of 0.5, it is set to that value.

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