Controls the device vibration


gamepad_set_vibration(device, left_motor, right_motor);

Argument Description
device Which gamepad device "slot" to check.
left_motor The amount of vibration from the left motor from 0 to 1.
right_motor The amount of vibration from the right motor from 0 to 1.

Returns: N/A


With this function you can set the vibration of the gamepad motors, with either motor using a value from 0 (no vibration) to 1 (full vibration). Note that there is no time limit on this function, so you will need to use a variable or an alarm to switch off the vibration (set motors to 0) after a given time has passed otherwise the gamepad will continue to vibrate indefinitely.

NOTE: This function is currently only available for the standard Windows, PS4 and Xbox One target modules.


if lives = 0
   gamepad_set_vibration(0, 1, 1);
   alarm[0] = room_speed / 2;

The above code would be used (for example) in a collision event to make the gamepad plugged into "slot" 0 vibrate for half a second, with the alarm that is set being used to switch it off again once that time has passed.

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