Immersion Haptics

This section deals with haptic effects for Android devices.

Haptics are similar to the "rumble packs" on game consoles, brought to mobile devices and the technology uses fine control over the vibration motor on a device to accentuate audio-visual effects within the game. This means that as well as seeing and hearing a shot (or collision, or bounce, or engine, etc), the player can also feel it. This provides higher level of user engagement, and consequent monetization opportunities.

The haptic library in GameMaker: Studio is provided by Immersion (of San Jose, California) and is licensed without charge for use in your games. However, to use haptic effects, you will need to tick the "Use Haptics" check-box on the Android Tab in the Global Game Settings, and accept the Immersion EULA (End User License Agreement) that is shown. After you accept the EULA, you will be able to successfully compile your game in GameMaker: Studio with haptic effects enabled.

To help developers feel haptic effects in a game context, and also to review the set of over 100 effects, please install the free Immersion Haptic Muse app onto your Android test device. The Haptic Muse app lets you choose individual effects, feel them in game scenarios, and select the effects that work best in your game.

It is worth noting that haptic effects are used in over 2,000 game apps from around the world and that the technology consumes less battery power than playing the sound effects in a game. Game apps with Haptic technology enhance the satisfaction of game players both casual and hardcore and can differentiate your app from many others in the market place.

The Immersion integrated API is easy to use, with only two control functions:

  1. immersion_play_effect
  2. immersion_stop

Should you need any further information or advice on haptics, you can contact the Immersion Developer Support by email at

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