Joystick Input

This section deals with the joystick input.

GameMaker: Studio will accept up to two joysticks/gamepads being used for your game, with a number of specialist functions designed to get the necessary details about position and buttons pressed.

NOTE: These functions are for Windows only and are provided as legacy support for previous versions. As such, they may not work correctly on modern PC's.

The following functions exist for joystick controls:

  1. joystick_exists
  2. joystick_name
  3. joystick_axes
  4. joystick_buttons
  5. joystick_has_pov
  6. joystick_direction
  7. joystick_check_button
  8. joystick_xpos
  9. joystick_ypos
  10. joystick_zpos
  11. joystick_rpos
  12. joystick_upos
  13. joystick_vpos
  14. joystick_pov

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