Returns the direction of movement for the joystick.



Argument Description
id The id of the joystick (1 or 2).

Returns: vk_numpad1...9


This function will return a virtual key code for the numberpad buttons depending on direction being pressed by the joystick/gamepad with the given id, as shown in the image below. The id can be either 1 or 2 as GameMaker: Studio only accepts input from a maximum of two joysticks/gamepads.

NOTE: This function is only available for Windows.


switch (joystick_direction(1))
   case vk_numpad1: direction = 225; break;
   case vk_numpad2: direction = 270; break;
   case vk_numpad3: direction = 315; break;
   case vk_numpad4: direction = 180; break;
   case vk_numpad6: direction = 0; break;
   case vk_numpad7: direction = 135; break;
   case vk_numpad8: direction = 90; break;
   case vk_numpad9: direction = 45; break;

The above code uses the returned value of the joystick_direction function to set the direction of movement for the instance.

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