Create a new network server.


network_create_server(type, port, max_client);

Argument Description
type The type of server to create (see the constants listed below).
port The port that the server will use.
max_client The maximum number of clients that can connect at once.

Returns: Real


This function is used to create a new network server for your game, using one of the permitted connection protocols (see the constants listed below). You supply the server type, then give it a port to use, and finally the number of maximum connections that should be permitted at any one time to the server (note that this number is up to you, but too many connected clients will saturate the network or the device CPU won’t be able to handle the processing of that number of players, so use with care). The function returns a unique id which should be used stored in a variable and used to identify the server in all further network functions, or a value of less than 0 if the connection fails.

Constant Description
network_socket_tcp Create a web socket using TCP.
network_socket_udp Create a web socket using UDP.
network_socket_bluetooth Create a Bluetooth socket (currently unavailable!).


var port = 6510;
server = network_create_server(network_socket_tcp, port, 32);
while (server < 0 && port < 65535)
   server = network_create_server(network_socket_tcp, port, 32);

The above code will try and create a server using TCP through port 32. If that port is unavailable, it will then loop through the ports to find one that is.

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