Creates an instance of a given object at a given position.


instance_create(x, y, obj);

Argument Description
x The x position the object will be created at.
y The y position the object will be created at.
obj The object to create an instance of.

Returns: Real


With this function you can create a new instance of the specified object at any given point within the room. This function returns the id of the new instance which can then be stored in a variable or used to access that instance. Note that this function will also call the create event of the instance being created before continuing with the code or actions for the event that used the function.


var inst;
inst = instance_create(x, y, obj_Bullet);
with (inst)
   speed = other.shoot_speed;
   direction = other.image_angle;

The above code creates anew instance of the object "obj_Bullet" and stores the instance id in a variable. This variable is then used to assign speed and direction to the new instance.

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