Instance Properties

This section shows all the built-in variables that an instance has.

When an instance is created, GameMaker: Studio generates a number of pre-defined variables to help you set and change certain common properties, such as the sprite_index, or the depth. Below you can find a list of all these built-in variables.

General Variables

These variables deal with general instance properties:

  1. id
  2. solid
  3. visible
  4. persistent
  5. depth
  6. alarm
  7. object_index

Sprite Variables

These variables deal with sprites and their sub-images:

  1. sprite_index
  2. sprite_width
  3. sprite_height
  4. sprite_xoffset
  5. sprite_yoffset
  6. image_alpha
  7. image_angle
  8. image_blend
  9. image_index
  10. image_number
  11. image_speed
  12. image_xscale
  13. image_yscale

Mask Variables

These variables deal with the collision mask:

  1. mask_index
  2. bbox_bottom
  3. bbox_left
  4. bbox_right
  5. bbox_top

Additional Variables

There are a great many more specialised variables that are not used as much as the ones above as they relate to specific aspects of GameMaker: Studio that not all games will make use of. The following sections deal with these variables:

  1. Movement Variables
  2. Path Variables
  3. Timeline Variables
  4. Physics Variables

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