Operating Systems

These functions are provided to help find details about the current OS your game is running on.

When creating cross-platform games, it is often of vital importance that you get the details of the operating system that the device running your game is using. Things like the language, the version or the network state can all be used to adapt your game to the system running it and make the end-user experience the best possible, so GameMaker: Studio has a number of special functions which can be used to get the necessary information.

The following functions exist for you to use to get certain details about the operating system or browser that is running your game:

  1. os_browser
  2. os_device
  3. os_type
  4. os_version
  5. os_is_paused
  6. os_is_network_connected
  7. os_get_config
  8. os_get_language
  9. os_get_region
  10. os_get_info
  11. os_powersave_enable
  12. os_lock_orientation

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