Bursts particles on one step only from the given emitter.


part_emitter_burst(ps, ind, parttype, number);

Argument Description
ps The particle system that the emitter is in.
ind The index of the emitter to burst from.
parttype The index (type) of the particles to be created.
number The number of particles to create.

Returns: N/A


This function allows you to set an emitter to burst a specific type of particle and is typically used in alarms and destroy events as it is a one off code that creates the number of particles specified all at once following the distribution, shape and position set by the function part_emitter_region. Should you need the particles to appear every step, you should be using the function part_emitter_stream rather than calling this function every step.


part_emitter_burst(global. Sname, p_emit1, p1, 30 + irandom(30));

The above code will burst a random number of particles between 30 and 60 from the chosen emitter.

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