Changing Paths

This section deals with the dynamic path functions

In GameMaker: Studio you are not just limited to the paths that you make using the Path Editor. There are a number of functions that can be used to manipulate and change those paths at run-time, or to even create new ones and then change and manipulate those.

The following functions are used for changing paths:

  1. path_add
  2. path_add_point
  3. path_change_point
  4. path_insert_point
  5. path_delete_point
  6. path_clear_points
  7. path_append
  8. path_assign
  9. path_delete
  10. path_duplicate
  11. path_flip
  12. path_mirror
  13. path_reverse
  14. path_rotate
  15. path_scale
  16. path_set_closed
  17. path_set_kind
  18. path_set_precision
  19. path_shift

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