This section deals with the basic path functions.

GameMaker: Studio has an extensive collection of functions and built-in variables for using paths within your game. This section deals with the basic ones that are used when dealing with paths that have previously been created in the Path Editor, but further functions exist that permit you to create your own paths using code, and to manipulate them in various ways.

The following basic functions exist that deal with paths:

  1. path_start
  2. path_end

The following variables are built-in to all instances when created and can be used to get information about a path, or to change certain properties:

  1. path_index
  2. path_position
  3. path_positionprevious
  4. path_speed
  5. path_scale
  6. path_orientation
  7. path_endaction

Further functions for paths can be found in the following two sections:

  1. Path Information
  2. Changing Paths

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