Populate a ds_map with the information related to the first local notification queued.



Argument Description
map The ds_map ID to use.

Returns: Real


This function will populate a pre-made ds_map with a series of key/value pairs for the first local push notification in the queue to be shown. It returns -1 if there are no notifications queued, or a real value otherwise representing the ID for the notification. This ID can then be used to cancel the notification using the function push_cancel_local_notification().

The ds_map will hold the following key/value pairs:

NOTE: This function is limited to the iOS and Android target modules.

Example :

var map = ds_map_create();
var ntf = push_get_first_local_notification(map);
while(ntf >= 0)
   var data = ds_map_find_value(map, "data");
   if data == "Daily_Reward"
   ntf = push_get_next_local_notification(map);

The above code creates a ds_map and then requests data for the first available notification in the queue. If a notification exists, the map is populated and the code then checks the "data" key for a specific string. If the string is found, the notification is cancelled and moves on to check the next notification until all in the queue have been checked.

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