Set a shader constant to matrix array.


shader_set_uniform_matrix_array(handle, array);

Argument Description
handle The handle of the shader constant to set.
array A previously initialised array of floating point values.

Returns: N/A


With this function you can set a shader constant to hold an array of matrix values. You must previously have gotten the "handle" of the constant using the function shader_get_uniform, and you will have to have previously initialised the array as an array of floating point values, where each successive group of 16 floats is a 4x4 matrix.

NOTE: All uniforms must be set after calling the function shader_set(), and before calling shader_reset.


shader_params = shader_get_uniform(shader_tint, "cMatrixArray");
shader_set_uniform_matrix_array(shader_params, matrix_array);

The above code will get the handle of the shader constant "cMatrixArray" then set that constant to the given array.

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