Local High Scores

This section deals with some special functions for creating a local high score table.

To help you create and maintain highscores for your games, GameMaker: Studio creates a global high score array of 10 places which you can access, add to and change to create your own custom high score lists without too much fuss. This functionality is local to the game and works on all platforms, so you can easily store and maintain a basic high score table using these functions along with the File Handling Functions.

The following functions exist that deal with the internal high score list.

  1. highscore_add
  2. highscore_name
  3. highscore_value
  4. highscore_clear

GameMaker: Studio also includes a function for drawing the highscores out on the screen as a list, however it is very basic and it is recommended that you use this for debugging more than anything else as making your own high score table is easy and will give you far more control over how it is displayed:

  1. draw_highscore

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