Returns the number of active moments from a given timeline.



Argument Description
ind The index of the timeline get the information from.

Returns: N/A


With this function you can get the total number of active moments for a timeline (an "active" moment is one which has code or D'n'D added to it). This can be handy when creating dynamic timelines using the timeline_moment_add_script() and timeline_moment_clear() functions, as you can check to see if a given timeline has the correct number of active moments or none at all.


if timeline_size(global.tl) == 0
   timeline_moment_add_script(global.tl, room_speed + irandom(room_speed), scr_spawn_enemy);

The above code check the given timeline size, and if it returns 0 (ie: the timeline has no active moments) it will add a script to be used at a random moment within the timeline indexed in the global variable "tl".

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