Sets the buffer method used on the Windows target platform.



Argument Description
method The buffer method to use (see the constants list below).



This Windows only function permits you to choose one of various different ways of handling the game geometry vertex buffer, some of which may work better on different machines. This can be set in the Global Game Settings Windows tab too, and will affect performance to different degrees depending on the machine. The constants available are:

Constant Description
vbm_fast This is the default method and is the one recommended by Nvidia - it should give the highest performance.
vbm_compatible This is the deprecated method that GameMaker: Studio used to use before adopting the fast method - poorer performance on newer machines
vbm_most_compatible This is the legacy method that was used in previous versions of GameMaker - performance is poorer than the other two, but it should be compatible with almost any machine.


if display_get_windows_vertex_buffer_method() != vbm_fast

The above code will check the current geometry method and set it to "fast" if it is not already.

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