The Game Window

This section has all the functions related to the game window

The actual game you create happens in a window, and this window has a number of properties, like whether it has a border, whether it is full screen, etc. Normally these values are set in the Windows Tab of the Global game Settings but you can change them during the game.

NOTE: These functions are for Windows, Ubuntu (Linux), MacOS and HTML5 target modules only and may not work on any other device.

The following image illustrates how all the windows functions relate and interact with each other: The following functions exist to change and get game window properties:

  1. window_center
  2. window_handle
  3. window_get_caption
  4. window_get_colour
  5. window_get_fullscreen
  6. window_get_height
  7. window_get_width
  8. window_get_x
  9. window_get_y
  10. window_get_cursor
  11. window_get_visible_rects
  12. window_mouse_get_x
  13. window_mouse_get_y
  14. window_mouse_set
  15. window_set_caption
  16. window_set_colour
  17. window_set_fullscreen
  18. window_set_position
  19. window_set_size
  20. window_set_rectangle
  21. window_set_cursor
  22. window_set_min_width
  23. window_set_max_width
  24. window_set_min_height
  25. window_set_max_height
  26. window_has_focus
  27. window_device

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