Object whose instance must remain visible in the view.



Returns: Real


With this variable you can get (or set) the object that has to be kept in the specified view (from 0 to 7) at all times. If there are multiple instances of this object, only one is followed (usually the first one created, but this is not guaranteed). You can also assign a single instance id to this variable, in which case that particular instance is followed. To prevent any view following, you can set this variable using the special keyword noone.

NOTE: You can set the distance that an instance or object can move before the view starts following using the view_hborder and view_vborder functions.


if instance_exists(obj_Player)
   view_object[0] = obj_player;

The above code checks to see if an instance of the object "obj_Player" exists and if it does, it sets view[0] to follow that instance.

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