Set the Windows 8 Live Tile template to be used by other Windows 8 functions to create a Secondary Tile.


win8_livetile_notification_secondary_begin(template, tile_id);

Argument Description
template The template that the secondary tile notification should take (a string, see Live Tile Templates)
tile_id The tile id that identifies the secondary tile (a string).

Returns: N/A


This function is similar in use to that of win8_livetile_notification_begin, only here we are telling GameMaker: Studio that the tile you are to define is going to be a secondary tile. Secondary tiles must first be created, given a unique tile id and then pinned to the Windows 8 UI using the function before being modified in any way.


var expiryTime;
expiryTime = date_current_datetime();
expiryTime = date_inc_minute(expiryTime, 5);
win8_livetile_notification_secondary_begin("TileSquarePeekImageAndText01", "secondary");
win8_livetile_notification_text_add("Current Score = " + string(score));
win8_livetile_notification_image_add("ms-appx:///" + working_directory + "ScoreTile.png");

The above code will push a new Live Tile notification through to the Secondary tile that you have previously pinned to the Windows 8 UI.

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