Set the "tag" for the Live Tile.



Argument Description
tag The name "tag" of the notification.

Returns: N/A


The tag is a string that you assign to the Live tile notification as a means to identify it later. Should you need to replace a Live Tile, or update it with another template or image, you would formulate another notification push (starting with the function win8_livetile_notification_begin) and use the same tag as in this function as that which you wish to change/replace.

You must have activated queuing with the function win8_livetile_queue_enable for this to function to be of any use as without queuing enabled, no matter what tag you use, any Live Tile notifications will overwrite the current Live tile rather than add a new one to the queue or modify an already queued one.

NOTE: This function can also apply to Secondary tiles when used along with win8_livetile_notification_secondary_begin.


var expiryTime;
expiryTime = date_current_datetime();
expiryTime = date_inc_minute(expiryTime, 5);
win8_livetile_notification_text_add("Current Score = " + string(score));
win8_livetile_notification_image_add("ms-appx:///" + working_directory + "ScoreTile.png");

The above code will push a new Live Tile notification through to Windows 8, with some text and an image, and the tile will be shown for 5 minutes.

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