Share a file through the "Share Charm".


win8_share_file(filename, title, description, immediate);

Argument Description
filename The name of the file to share
title The title of the file (a string)
description A text description of the file
immediate This flag can be set to true or false to share immediately or not.

Returns: N/A


With this function you can share a file from your game. The file should be an included file (or one that your game has created) and part of the app "bundle", and you should give it a title and a description. Finally you should indicate whether it should be shared immediately (true) and shown in the slide-out share "charm" or not (false), in which case the user will have to manually call on the share "charm" to see the content.


if keyboard_check_pressed(ord("S"))
   win8_share_file(working_directory + "New_Level_Save.txt", "C.T.H. Level", "Catch The Haggis user level.", true);

The above code will check for the "S" key being pressed and if it is detected it will take and share a file.

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