Windows 8 Phone (DEPRECATED)

These functions are provided specifically for the Windows 8 Phone platform.

IMPORTANT! The following pages are for the functions specific to Windows Phone 8. Be aware this platform is now deprecated in favour of UWP, so these pages are only intended as a reference resource for legacy projects.

While the Windows 8 Phone OS looks very similar to the standard Windows 8 desktop version, the live tiles and other functions are a bit more limited. At the moment GameMaker: Studio permits you to use special functions to modify the Live Tiles associated with your game, as well as one further function to check your game for Trial Play:

  1. winphone_license_trial_version

The tile functions are split into three groups (for the three different types of tiles that are available) and apart from the functions specific to the tile type, there are also two that are available for all types:

  1. winphone_tile_title
  2. winphone_tile_count

NOTE: As with other mobile target platforms, the Back Button on Windows Phone devices can be accessed using the vk_backspace keyboard check.

Flip Tile

A Flip Tile is one that has a back and a front image and the tile switches (or "flips") between them over time.

The following functions are available to help you control their visual aspects:

  1. winphone_tile_front_image
  2. winphone_tile_front_image_small
  3. winphone_tile_front_image_wide
  4. winphone_tile_back_title
  5. winphone_tile_back_content
  6. winphone_tile_back_content_wide
  7. winphone_tile_back_image
  8. winphone_tile_back_image_wide

Iconic Tile

The Iconic Tile is one that uses an "iconic" image in all formats. This image will occupy the whole tile for a small and medium tile, but will be reduced to a small icon over the chosen background colour for the wide tile (normally with some text associated with the tile two).

The following functions can be used to set these properties:

  1. winphone_tile_background_colour
  2. winphone_tile_icon_image
  3. winphone_tile_small_icon_image
  4. winphone_tile_wide_content

Cyclic Tile

The Cyclic Tile is one that uses a number of wide-tile format images and cycles between them. If the Live Tile is not a wide tile, then only a small image will be shown.

The following functions can be used to set these properties:

  1. winphone_tile_cycle_images
  2. winphone_tile_small_background_image

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