Add a text message to the "back" of the games wide Flip Live Tile.



Argument Description
string A message to be shown on the tile back.

Returns: N/A


With this function you can assign a message string to the back of the wide Flip Live Tile associated with your game. This message will only be shown if your tile is classed as being a "flip tile" with a "front" and a "back", in which case this message string will be shown when the tile flips to the "back", as shown in the following image:


if os_type = os_winphone
   winphone_tile_title("Catch The Haggis");
   winphone_tile_back_title("MacSweeney Games");
   winphone_tile_back_content("You have played this game for " + string(time) + " minutes!");
   winphone_tile_back_content_wide("You have played this game for " + string(time) + " minutes!");

The above code will set both the front and the back title for the games Live Tile to the given strings, as well as add a message to be displayed when the tile "flips" to the back, either as a normal tile or as a wide tile.

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