Add an image to the games Cyclic Live Tile "front".


winphone_tile_cycle_images(fname0, fname1, ... fname8);

Argument Description
fname0 ... 9 The local path to the images to display. You can supply up to 9 arguments (one for each image).

Returns: N/A


This function will add the images you supply into the Cyclic Live Tile list, and they will then be shown one after another when your game is in wide Live Tile. Note that you do not have to supply all nine arguments, you can supply four or two for example, as the tile will cycle between the ones you supply. However, if you have defined more tiles in the Global game Settings these will be omitted and only the new ones supplied by this function will be used.

The images supplied must be included files with your game and cannot be either a sprite or a background. If they are too small or too big for the tile they will be stretched or cropped to fit.


var image1 = choose("Screen_1.png", "Screen_2.png");
var image2 = choose("Screen_3.png", "Screen_4.png");
var image3 = choose("Screen_5.png", "Screen_6.png");
winphone_tile_cycle_images(image1, image2, image3);

The above code will choose three images from the included files and set the cyclic live tile to display them.

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