Set any one of three content strings for the wide Iconic Live Tile.


winphone_tile_wide_content(string, index);

Argument Description
string The text for the content.
index The content index (1, 2, or 3).

Returns: N/A


This function will add content text to the wide Iconic tile for the game. You can have up to three lines of text, each one defined by the index number supplied when using this function.


var str; str[0] = "Player: " + global.Name;
str[1] = "Score:" + score;
str[2] = "Health: " + health;
winphone_tile_wide_content(str[0], 1);
winphone_tile_wide_content(str[1], 2);
winphone_tile_wide_content(str[2], 3);

The above code will set the content strings for the Iconic wide Live Tile.

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